Ukraine: Perspectives on Eurasian Integration
5 October 2017, 15:16
author: Leonid Litra
An extensive report of ECFR on the Eurasian integration initiatives and the EU response to it. Ukrainian chapter was written by Leonid Litra, Senior Research Fellow at the NEC.

In recent years Russia and China have both embarked on ambitious projects to integrate the Eurasian landmass. Russia has established the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in hopes of creating a Russian-dominated geopolitical bloc. In a very different approach, China has promoted the “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR, or New Silk Road) initiative that aims to use Chinese financial power to physically and economically integrate Eurasia, with China at its core. So far, Europe has treated these projects as unwelcome competition, and kept its distance. The ECFR paper argues that this is a mistake and sets out how Europe can turn Eurasian integration to its advantage.

Caught in conflict with Russia, Kyiv is loathe to join the EEU, but its elites lack enthusiasm or knowledge about China’s integration project

The publication is available on the ECFR web-site. To see it, please, click here.

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