Accession of Ukraine to the EU – What now? What next?
Policy brief by Leo Litra for the Center for Liberal Modernity (LibMod), Germany
7 November 2023
The New Europe Center held the 2nd EU Accession Exchange Forum
On September 28, 2023, the New Europe Center organized the 2nd EU Accession Exchange Forum with the participation of high government officials and leading experts in Kyiv
29 September 2023
Candidate Check-5: Where Ukraine is in the implementation of 7 EU recommendations
The New Europe Center with partners carried out the fifth independent monitoring of Ukraine’s implementation of EU recommendations
27 September 2023
A visit to Biden in difficult times: what Zelensky’s trip to the USA hides a year before the election
An exclusive analytics by Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the New Europe Center, for Ukrainska Pravda
22 September 2023
From Vilnius to Washington: How Ukraine can get an invitation at the next NATO summit
How to increase Ukraine’s chances to get the invitation at NATO’s summit in Washington next year? Comments by Western experts
2 August 2023
Latest events
New Europe Center held an advocacy visit to the USA
On November 13-17, New Europe experts together with ANTS and the Anti-Corruption Action Center held more than 40 meetings in Washington, D.C.
20 November 2023
The New Europe is at the discussion in the US
Alyona Getmanchuk took part in the panel discussion at CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies) in Washington, D.C.
14 November 2023
Publications archive
Ukraine’s NATO Membership: Should It Happen Before the War Ends?
Marianna Fakhurdinova comments what are the arguments in favor of inviting Ukraine to NATO but not deferring the decision
15 November 2023
Publications archive
The New Europe Center, in partnership with several profiled think tanks and civil society organizations, is conducting its own independent monitoring of Ukraine's implementation of seven EU recommendations
15 June 2023
New Europe Center launched an active analytical efforts aimed at Ukraine's swift invitation to join the NATO
13 June 2023
The New Europe Center has been making project-based efforts to develop the Ukraine-Japan partnership since 2021
11 June 2023

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