Latest events
New Europe Center retreat
Fruitful discussion with colleagues in the open air of the priorities in our activities for the next few months!
29 July 2020
Online discussion with Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth
Upon the invitation of the Berlin Policy Hub, Sergiy Solodkyy took part in the online discussion with Special Representative for the Eastern Partnership at the German Foreign Office.
23 July 2020
Publications archive
Not solely concern: how could Ukraine help the protests in Belarus
Article by Anna Medvedeva for the "European Pradva"
15 September 2020
Publications archive
The "Euromap of Ukraine" project is not only a rating of the European integration of Ukrainian regions, it is also the analysis of European sentiments in different regions, where we hold public debates and a number of in-depth interviews. The so called profile of the regions.
22 April 2020
Within the rubric "New Europe Wonders" we will present the opinions of leading foreign experts on topical issues of Ukraine's foreign policy.
1 December 2019
Foreign Policy Index (TRUMAN Index) is the evaluation of Ukraine’s progress in bilateral relations in key foreign policy areas: EU, USA, People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation and NATO
9 September 2019

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