Latest events
Leo Litra took part in the EU Debates Café
The participants discussed implementation of the EU Association Agreement by Moldova and Ukraine
31 July 2019
NEC teaches!
Kateryna Zarembo became the co-author of the online course "European Foreign Policy: in simple words about complicated issues". Leo Lira is among the lecturers.
25 July 2019
Publications archive
A Trouble-Free Neighbor: What Should Ukraine Change in Relations with Slovakia?
Policy brief by Tetiana Levoniuk on Ukrainian-Slovak relations
13 September 2019
TRUMAN Index #11: The Latest Trends in Ukraine’s Foreign Policy
NEC Analysts Assessed the Events in Ukraine’s Relations with the U.S., EU and Russia (April-June, 2019)
17 August 2019
Publications archive
Foreign Policy Index (TRUMAN Index) is the evaluation of Ukraine’s progress in bilateral relations in key foreign policy areas: EU, USA, People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation and NATO
9 September 2019
New Europe Center and Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter held the conference “Israel’s Experience of Nation-Building: Lessons for Ukraine”. The purpose of the conference is to share the Israeli experience in various fields of state-building with Ukrainian civil servants and civil society
26 July 2018
Studies and policy briefs, written by the experts of the New Europe Center (including in co-authorship)
30 December 2017

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