New Europe Center organized a discussion: “How to Deal With Breakaway Regions: Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova?”
On April 24 New Europe Center together with partners from the Carnegie Europe held a public discussion: “How to Deal With Breakaway Regions: Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova?”
24 April 2018
The Traps of the Transnistrian Settlement: how do we avoid them?
Policy brief on development around Transnistrian settlement
17 April 2018
New Europe Center organized public discussion “Kharkiv Dimension of Eurointegration”
On April 5, 2018, New Europe Center held a public discussion in Kharkiv entitled “Kharkiv Dimension of European Integration”
6 April 2018
NEC Presented “Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Latvia”
On March 22, the New Europe Center held a public debate "Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Latvia". At the event we launched the discussion paper on the Ukrainian-Latvian relations.
9 March 2018
Westernization Index 2018
The report was prepared by StrategEast in collaboration with the experts of New Europe Center
22 March 2018
Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Latvia
The discussion paper on the Ukrainian-Latvian relations was written by Kateryna Zarembo and Elizabete Vizgunova
22 March 2018
How Should Ukraine Approach Germany under New-Old Coalition?
Policy Memo to the Ukrainian stakeholders on the occasion of government formation in the Federal Republic of Germany
5 March 2018
Publications archive
Studies and policy briefs, written by the experts of the New Europe Center (including in co-authorship)
30 December 2017
Together with the Hungarian Center for Euroatlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID), NEC organized a study program for the group of Ukrainian journalists from leading media outlets
30 October 2017
The objective of this initiative is to study the mutual interests of Ukraine and its strategically important partners in order to develop recommendations for a proactive foreign policy for Ukraine.
18 October 2017

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