What kind of Peacekeeping Mission Ukraine needs?
A peacekeeping mission should have access to the entire occupied area of the Donbas, including the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border. However, without compromises from Russia launching a full-fledged peacekeeping mission in the East of Ukraine will be unrealistic.
17 October 2018
The place and mission of Ukraine in the future of Europe: a discussion with international relations students
Is there an alternative to European integration for Ukraine? How can Ukraine contribute to the development of the New Europe? These issues were discussed during the public debate and presentation of the collection of essays “New Europe” at the Institute of International Relations of the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University on October 10, 2018.
11 October 2018
The “New Europe” was presented in Kyiv
What should be Ukraine's contribution to the debate about the future of Europe? What should Ukraine do to become “one of their own” for the European Union? These were the topics discussed during the presentation of the collection of essays “New Europe” in Kyiv on October 5, which coincided with the anniversary of the New Europe Center.
8 October 2018
Will the Council of Europe become Putin’s trophy?
Does the Council of Europe still serve any useful purpose? The 60-year-old institution, which oversees the European Court of Human Rights, includes European countries, together with Russia and Turkey, among its members.
8 October 2018
CHOOSING EUROPE: What do ordinary Ukrainians really think about the country’s post-2014 EU integration efforts?
Ukraine’s European choice has transformed the geopolitical landscape of the entire region and plunged the world into a new Cold War but a new survey suggests the debate is still far from over inside Ukraine itself
6 October 2018
PRO et CONTRA: Should Ukraine Denounce the Azov Agreement?
The New Europe Center asked diplomats, military officers, lawyers, and scholars to assess the degree of risks and threats to Ukraine both in the event of denunciation of the Agreement on the Azov Sea, and in the case of its survival
3 October 2018
The Three Seas Initiative: Ukraine’s Opportunity for Practical European Integration
What are the windows of opportunities for Ukraine in today’s project, and what should be the general approach of Ukraine to the Three Seas Initiative?
17 September 2018
TRUMAN Index: Ukraine-Russia Relations
This latest quarter confirmed the pointless nature of the expectations that emerged half a year ago: the process of prisoner exchanges ground to a halt once more and the peacekeeping mission keeps being discussed but Russia has shown no willingness to compromise
7 September 2018
TRUMAN Index: Ukraine-EU Relations
Ukraine-EU relations remained very intense during the monitored period. Unlike the previous quarter, however, this time cooperation has been very focused and many times even technical, with less politics and public statements, and more concentration on practical processes.
5 September 2018
Publications archive
New Europe Center and Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter held the conference “Israel’s Experience of Nation-Building: Lessons for Ukraine”. The purpose of the conference is to share the Israeli experience in various fields of state-building with Ukrainian civil servants and civil society
26 July 2018
Studies and policy briefs, written by the experts of the New Europe Center (including in co-authorship)
30 December 2017
Together with the Hungarian Center for Euroatlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID), NEC organized a study program for the group of Ukrainian journalists from leading media outlets
30 October 2017

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