German Crisis Management Efforts in the Ukraine–Russia Conflict from Kyiv’s Perspective
23 May 2018, 12:55
author: Alyona Getmanchuk, Sergiy Solodkyy

This article analyses the role of Germany in resolving the conflict between Ukraine and Russia from Kyiv’s perspective. After the Russian aggression, Ukrainian decision-makers appeared to be suffering dramatically challenging conditions, no longer able to rely on international law, and with all the multilateral security frameworks invalidated. Germany became a crucial mediator between the Ukrainian and Russian leaderships during the conflict, demonstrating decisive efforts to maintain unity among the European partners in supporting Ukraine after the Russian intervention. Germany sought to defend the normative power of the European Union as an alliance of states based not only on interests but on values. However, there is also a prevailing view in the public discourse about Ukraine which questions whether Germany used its full potential. One may argue that Germany became an occasional leader in Europe and was forced to react to the situation in Ukraine due to obstacles and external conditions, but not with strategic willingness. At the same time, there are enormous expectations in Ukraine with regard to the German role in the transformative processes in Ukraine.

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