Ukraine-NATO. What’s Next after Enhanced Partnership?
20 July 2020, 12:31
author: Alyona Getmanchuk


Policy-brief by Alyona Getmanchuk on Ukraine’s recently gained status of NATO’ s Enhanced Opportunities Parter (EOP), as well as on the future of Ukraine-NATO relations.

“Ukraine-NATO relations received a new lease of life after Ukraine became an Enhanced Opportunities Partner (EOP) in June this year. By prior agreement with the Alliance, this event took place almost as a quotidian matter, without proper communication both in Ukraine itself and, still less, NATO members. At the same time, Ukraine’s obtaining this status and giving substance to it requires a more careful analysis, as does a further dialogue with the Alliance in general. All the more so since the question of inviting Ukraine to participate in the Enhanced Opportunities Partnership was billed by the Government of Ukraine as the number one priority in Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration for 2020.”

PDF-version of the paper is available here.

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