War in Ukraine: “It’s time to make the Russian aggressor pay”
21 February 2024, 18:00
author: Leonid Litra

“Confiscated money should be used for ramping up military production for Ukraine’s immediate needs and building up of Europe’s long-term strategic deterrence arsenal, as well as for Ukraine’s macro-financial stability, recovery and compensation for damages. While Ukrainians are extremely grateful for every euro from Western taxpayers, on the 10th year of the Russian war it is time to make aggressor pay too. The confiscation is a matter of political decision strategic benefits of which are currently heavily underestimated.”

Leonid Litra, Senior Reseach Fellow at the New Europe Center, co-authored with Olena Halushka, ICUV-International Center for Ukrainian Victory, detailed material for the French media Le Monde with a propose for a long-term support plan for Ukraine. To do this, use the resource of almost 300 billion frozen assets of Russia to support and rebuild Ukraine.

Details on the pages of the publication:

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