What is Ukraine’s perception in the EU?
18 November 2020, 12:34
author: Leonid Litra


In the western model of shaping policy, public opinion plays a particularly important role. Since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2014, support of Ukraine by its partners, particularly from the West, has been an essential component of countering Moscow’s attack and helping Ukraine implement needed reforms.

In order to understand attitudes toward Ukraine, the New Europe Center carried out an opinion poll in several major European countries. The overall aim of the survey was to learn more about the public opinion toward Ukraine as well as to determine the most common associations with Ukraine. The data obtained will be used to develop a fact- based — and country-specific — policy agenda. The 2020 survey is a follow-up to a similar exercise carried out in 2015 — further amplifying the value of the collected data.

The opinion poll was conducted in France, Germany, Italy and Poland by the sociological agency Kantar Profiles Division at the request of New Europe Center. Overall, over 4,000 respondents aged between 18 and 65+ answered six questions, including one open question. Respondents represent their countries proportionally based on gender, age and regions. All the answers were collected on an internet- based survey taking place from 22 to 29 September 2020.

PDF-version of the event is available here.

The New Europe Center has also prepared an array of infographics in 6 languages: English, Ukrainian, German, French, Italian and Polish.


This publication has been developed with the support of the Open Society Initiative for Europe in the framework of the “Europeanisation beyond Process” initiative implemented by the New Europe Center. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the New Europe Center.

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