NEC Presented Eastern Partnership Index
4 February 2018, 13:26

On February 14, the New Europe Center held a round-table discussion “What Prevents Ukraine from Becoming the Eastern Partnership Front-Runner”. At the event we launched the report “Eastern Partnership Index 2015-2016: Charting Progress in European Integration, Democratic Reforms, and Sustainable Development”.

Ukrainian and foreign experts, diplomats, and Government officials took part in the discussion.

“The Index shows that the reforms carried out by Moldova before 2015 had a big impact on the European integration process and was a powerful push for greater engagement between Brussels and Chisinau. The last three years Moldova has been going through a process of reforms that generated mixed feelings from the society and from the EU.

It means that the reform gains have had a powerful inertia that positioned Moldova first the Index. At the same time, it shows how fragile is the process of European integration and how dependent are the reforms on the political landscape. The key task of Moldova and the other countries, is to consolidate the reform gains and avoid the roll-back on key issues that stand at the foundation of the Moldova-EU relations”, – Leonid Litra, Senior Research Fellow at the NEC.

Participants of the discussion:

Kateryna Zarembo, Deputy Director, New Europe Center;
Leonid Litra, Senior Research Fellow, New Europe Center;
Veronika Movchan, Academic Director, Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER);
Hanna Golubovska-Onisimova, Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum;
Dmytro Shulga, European Program Initiative Director, Renaissance Foundation;
Balazs Jarabik, nonresident scholar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; short-term expert at Association 4U project;
Maryna Nelina, Deputy Head of EU Integration Department, Government Office for the Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
Sergiy Solodkyy, First Deputy Director, New Europe Center.

On January 23, “Eastern Partnership Index 2015-2016” was presented in Brussels. The report presents through data and analysis the comparative performance of the six Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries in terms of:

  • Approximation in the fields of Democracy and Human Rights, EU Integration and Convergence, and Sustainable Development
  • Linkage in the fields of International Security, Political Dialogue and Co-operation, Sectoral Co-operation and Trade Flows, and Citizens in Europe

To read the publication click here.

The results, combining a fully up-to-date narrative alongside data and scores that provide a snapshot for the period from March 2015 to December 2016. Previous editions of the Index can be found at

Ukrainian part of the publication was written with the assistance of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation under the auspices of the Civic Synergy Project and Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

Since 2014, the study is coordinated by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. The study was written with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation, Open Society Foundations, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.


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