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Will South Korea’s parliamentary elections affect support for Ukraine?
16 April 2024, 10:00
author: Наталія Бутирська

“Considering the geopolitical challenges that have become common for Ukraine and South Korea, there is reason to believe that the South Korean president will continue the policy of supporting Ukraine. However, the issue of direct military assistance is complicated by many factors and remains unresolved. “

Natalia Butyrskaya, Visiting Senior Fellow at the New Europe Center, in her analysis for Mirror of the Week considers what to expect in Kyiv after the parliamentary elections in South Korea and whether Seoul’s position will change, given the convincing victory of the opposition.

“The government aims to continue implementing the foreign policy vision of the “global key state.” It consists primarily in upholding the rules-based international order. According to it, the choice that the country is making now is important for the present and future of the global order”, the expert added.

Full article is here (Ukrainian).

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