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Second round: Will Ukraine receive financial aid from EU and why Orban opposes
1 February 2024, 14:13
author: Leonid Litra

“In the EU, there is indeed a growing need for serious measures regarding Hungary, because it doesn’t work that way, you cannot be a beneficiary of the EU budget but work for Russia, China and block EU decisions. So, I think that such a need is growing within the EU”.

Leonid Litra, Senior Reserch Fellow at the New Europe Center, comments for RBC-Ukraine about an extraordinary EU summit, where the issue of providing Ukraine with long-term aid is again discussed.

“At this moment, when there is still no support from the US when Ukraine desperately needs this support, if there is no support from the EU, then Ukraine will be in a bad situation. It’s not just about money for the military budget, it’s about economic assistance”.

According to expert, Orban’s behavior can be explained by several reasons. First, he wants to get the rest of the frozen EU funds. The second reason lies in Orban’s friendship with the Kremlin, reflected in his statements and behavior: he alternately calls for negotiations with Russia and predicts Ukraine’s inevitable defeat. And the third reason is Orban’s desire to influence EU decisions.

More details are in Dmytro Levytskiy article: https://bit.ly/3UuQ5oS


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