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Games of legitimacy. How the West will react to Putin’s “elections” and what to expect for Ukraine
22 February 2024, 19:00
author: Sergiy Solodkyy


“The statements of the West did not and will not matter in order to change Putin’s policy. The only reaction that can satisfy Ukraine at this stage is decisive action to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a sufficient amount of the most modern weapons”, said Sergiy Solodkyy, Deputy Director of the New Europe Center in an interview for hromadske.ua.

Sergiy Solodkyy also mentions other steps that could become a more decisive response of the West to Putin’s electoral farce – from confiscation of Russian assets and unblocking aid to Ukraine in leading countries to inviting Ukraine to NATO membership during the summit in Washington, D.C. this July.

More details in the article via link (Ukrainian): http://tinyurl.com/bdz4krw2

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