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Ukraine’s candidates for presidency seek support in the West
12 April 2019, 13:19
author: Leonid Litra

Visits of Ukraine’s run-off presidential candidates to Berlin and Paris are meant to get support of the Western leaders – commented NEC’s Senior Research Fellow Leo Litra for Euronews.

He continued by saying that the visit of president Petro Poroshenko to Berlin and Paris was intended to show support of the key partners of Ukraine: Germany and France, which are also part of the Normandy format for settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the East of Ukraine. However, the decision of Macron to meet Zelenskiy ahead of Poroshenko has shuffled the cards for Ukrainian president.

“The fact that president Emmanuel Macron received at Elysee Palace the opposition candidate and front-runner Volodymyr Zelenskyi has weakened the argument of the incumbent president, who somehow claimed exclusivity of contacts with leaders in Europe.”

Watch full video below:

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