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The Future of Moldova at the mercy of Hungary? NM analysis: what are the chances of opening negotiations with the EU
13 December 2023, 17:57
author: Leonid Litra

“It is difficult to deny Orban’s ties with the Kremlin, he is quite openly sympathetic to the Kremlin narratives, including that it is not necessary to provide Ukraine with any assistance and the power method will not help to stop the war. It would be right to make such an appeal to the russian leadership, because Ukraine is defending itself, and it was not Ukraine that attacked.”

Leonid Litra, a Senior Research Fellow at the New Europe Center, comments on the situation on the eve of the EU summit in Brussels, in particular on the role of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the consensus of a political decision on the start of accession negotiations, the settlement of the issue of national minorities and forecasts of the future decision of the European Commission.

Details are in the material of the Moldovan media NewsMaker (Romanian): http://tinyurl.com/c97sc6ep

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