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Ukraine on the way to the EU: to finish homework
9 November 2023, 13:48
author: Sergiy Solodkyy

“It is important for Ukraine not to make mistakes before the EU summit in December that could be perceived as a rollback in terms of reforms.”

This was stated in a comment to the Deutsche Welle by the First Deputy Director of the New Europe Center Sergiy Solodkyy. The expert is optimistic about the positive decision of the EU to open the accession talks in December. He believes that, given the constructive and readiness of Ukraine to implement the recommendations of the European Commission on the path to EU membership, European and Ukrainian politicians should find a compromise to remove the objections of neighboring countries. After all, in his opinion, bilateral political relations of individual countries should not become an obstacle to Ukraine’s integration into the EU.

“If our neighboring countries will make Ukraine’s aspirations to become a member of the EU dependent on bilateral political issues, then this is short-sighted, because the interests of the EU itself are on the scales. And it is important not to get bogged down in clarifying relations with each other, when more serious threats loom over all countries, and the key threat comes from Russia’s aggression”, Solodkyy said.

More details (available in Ukrainian): https://bit.ly/3u8uoju

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