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Has Zelenskyy accelerate conflict settlement in Donbas?

Comment by Alyona Getmanchuk for BBC Ukraine.

19 May 2020, 12:07
The Euromap of Ukraine: achievements and problems of the European integration of Lviv region

Comment by Tetiana Levoniuk for “Lviv’s center for European information”

16 May 2020, 17:21
The voice of Ukraine’s civil society

Alyona Getmanchuk, New Europe Center gave an interview to Pact Ukraine, USAID/ENGAGE

13 May 2020, 17:06
Life after the catastrophe: how has the pandemic changed the political mood of the Italians?

Article by Kateryna Zarmebo for the “European Pravda”

13 May 2020, 11:38
In Georgia’s view, Saakashvili appointment demonstrates the inconsistency of Ukrainian policy

Blog by Anna Medvedeva on the appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili as a chairman of the Ukrainian Executive Reform Committee.

8 May 2020, 14:39
The repercussions of Zelensky’s deadline for Donbas

Op-ed by Leo Litra for Institut für Europäische Politik (Berlin)

7 May 2020, 18:16
“Cargoes from China” and “China’s Assistance”. Do you see the difference?

Blog by Alyona Getmanchuk for the “Ukrainska Pravda”

7 May 2020, 17:32
What is the future US ambassador to Ukraine known for?

Comment by Alyona Getmanchuk for

6 May 2020, 12:36
Will the pandemic affect the negotiation process?

Podcast of the “Novosti Donbassa” with the first Deputy Director of the New Europe Center Sergiy Solodkyy.

5 May 2020, 17:33
Trump’s military diplomat: what to expect from General Dayton as the head of the US Embassy

Article by Alyona Getmanchuk for the “European Pravda”

4 May 2020, 16:44