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What can Ukraine learn from Israel’s international brand-building success?

From startup nation to diaspora mobilization: Israeli image-making experience offers important insights for Ukraine as the country looks to reinvent itself on the international stage

20 August 2018, 13:30
The anti-Europeanism of the Visegrad Group is in fact anti-Ukrainian

An interview with Kateryna Zarembo, Deputy Director of the New Europe Center, for on the policy of the Visegrad Group toward the European Union, Ukraine and Russia (available only in Polish)

27 July 2018, 12:21
Any Trump-Putin deal on Ukraine without Ukraine will not work

Any deal with Putin about Ukraine that does nothing but undermine the country’s statehood will not be a good or fair deal, Mr. Trump

16 July 2018, 09:45
Leonid Litra on Outcomes of EU-Ukraine Summit

The 20th EU – Ukraine summit have many new issues, which are very strong political signals

12 July 2018, 17:56
What does eurointegration mean to Ukrainians?

We felt it was important was to persuade Ukrainians living in different cities that, even if the European choice was not ideal, alternatives to it were far worse

10 July 2018, 17:28
Iran and transatlantic unity

Issue of transatlantic unity after U.S. president Donald Trump decision to withdraw from Iran deal

22 May 2018, 15:37
German opinion-leaders as a mirror of Ukraine’s identity in Germany: what they see and what Ukraine should do about it

This article is an updated version of the material that published on Ukraine verstehen website  I was starting to read the report “Ukraine through the Eyes of Germany”, prepared by German Society…

17 May 2018, 13:35
Business Ukraine: How Putin Lost Young Ukraine

This article is based on analysis provided by New Europe Center of the nationwide “Ukraine’s Youth 2017” poll conducted by the New Europe Center and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in cooperation with GfK Ukraine

20 December 2017, 16:10
How volunteers both strengthened and weakened the Ukrainian state after Euromaidan

The role of volunteers in sustaining the Ukrainian armed forces against the backdrop of Russian aggression cannot be overestimated

23 November 2017, 14:19