New Europe become a partner of webinar “How to bolster Ukraine’s wartime resilience”
1 May 2024, 14:33

“Speaking about Ukraine`s support, we should think about the time terms. We should understand that the longer this war takes, the more everyone will pay. So I would like to encourage our partners to do their absolute best to help advance Ukraine’s victory as fast as possible. It’s worth reiterating, there will be much less to support and to spend”.

Kateryna Zarembo, Associated Senior Fellow at the New Europe Center, took part in webinar “How to bolster Ukraine’s wartime resilience” on April, 30.

“Ukraine cannot fight this war against Russia on its own. The Ukrainian society is super tired when it comes to human resilience. The political invitation to NATO will encourage Ukrainians. And it must be understood that invitation doesn`t mean immediate participation in Alliance”, Kateryna Zarembo stated during the discussion.

The speakers discussed various questions regarding Ukraine`s society resilience, the risks, needs of homefront to continue, the ways of support Ukraine`s resilience by Western partners and lessons learned from the war so far. Over 170 online attendees took part in the event.

The event was organized by Ukraine Forum at Chatham House in partnership with the New Europe Center.

The video record is available below.

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