Eurointegration: Prospective or Existing Success?

NEC organized a discussion in Mariupol on the European integration perception by residents of Donetsk Oblast

9 April 2019, 16:13
Why Ukrainian elections are important for the EU?

Discussion in Milan on Ukrainian elections

29 March 2019, 11:29
Twelfth Study Visit to Ukraine of Western Opinion Leaders

New Europe Center had organized the twelfth study visit of Western opinion leaders to Ukraine

25 March 2019, 19:50
A year after Italian elections: Rome’s influence on the future of the EU and Ukraine

NEC presented a discussion paper on Ukraine-Italy relations in a wider European context.

7 March 2019, 11:03
The Rise of Third Powers in Europe’s East: Interests and Strategies in Ukraine

New Europe Center presented the research on the third power’s influence in Eastern Partnership

21 February 2019, 17:11
Ukraine’s Eurointegration Progress: results of the Year 2018

Leo Lira had moderated the first panel discussion during the conference “Results of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union in 2018” on December, 19

19 February 2019, 15:36
Presentation of the opinion poll “Foreign Policy of the Future President”

New Europe Center presented the opinion poll results on Ukrainians’ expectations regarding certain issues of the foreign policy of Ukraine’s future President.

12 February 2019, 16:27
Foreign Policy Art Summary 2018

The New Europe Center decided to look at the foreign policy of Ukraine in 2018 through cartoons.

21 December 2018, 11:40
NEC received an award along with partners from Romania, Georgia and Moldova

The Eastern Partnership Think-Tank Forum 2018 won the Award of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) Annual Assembly.

12 December 2018, 15:30
How to counter Russia’s subversive activities in the European Union?

On December 10, the NEC presented a policy paper “Atrophy of Trophies. How Can Ukraine Take Advantage of the Vulnerabilities of Russian Policies in the EU?“.

10 December 2018, 17:22