As part of advocacy efforts in Germany, Alyona Getmanchuk met with German students.

The students represented different German universities, different faculties – from sociology to psychology and history.
The one and a half hour conversation was moderated by the well-known German international expert Liana Fix.

22 September 2022, 22:50
European integration of Ukraine as a candidate country for joining the EU

Leonid Litra, senior research fellow of the New Europe Center spoke at the closed expert discussion

20 September 2022, 18:38
Advocacy visit to Washington DC

The purpose of the trip is to express gratitude to the American partners for their support, as well as to communicate at the appropriate levels the priority tasks, the solution of which will help bring Ukraine’s victory in the war closer.

16 September 2022, 20:39
Do think tanks matter during Russian aggression?

Marianna Fakhurdinova represented New Europe Center at the relevant event organized by ADASTRA think tank and shared the experience of the center’s work over the past six months.

8 September 2022, 14:03
New Europe Center is on the Forum2000 in Prague

Forum2000 was founded by Vaclav Havel in 1996 and has traditionally been held in the Czech Republic since then

2 September 2022, 16:41
EU application recommendations: where are we and what should be prioritized?

Public discussion organised by the New Europe Center, Anti-Corruption Center and  National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”.

28 July 2022, 18:02
Candidacy to EU: what does it mean for Ukraine?

Marianna Fakhurdinova visited the event, which was organised by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Ukraine

29 June 2022, 17:52
The New Europe Center’s path: from association to candidacy

Obtaining the EU candidate status is a special moment for the New Europe Center, as well as for the whole Ukraine. Our team has been working for Ukraine’s integration into the EU for many years. We offer you to recollect with us the most memorable initiatives of the New Europe Center, which made Ukraine closer to this day!

23 June 2022, 21:05
Granting EU candidate status to Ukraine: caveats and prospects

Leo Litra took part in the public discussion “Granting EU candidate status to Ukraine: caveats and prospects”.

21 June 2022, 22:14
How can Ukraine achieve long-term security?

Kateryna Zarembo, Associate Fellow at the New Europe Center, took part in the event, organized by the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy.

10 June 2022, 15:34