Ukraine-Japan: online presentations and discussion of two analytical commentaries

What is the role of Japan and China in Russia’s war against Ukraine? Today, in the midst of the war, the New Europe Center presented two analytical commentaries on these topics. Ukrainian, Japanese and European experts took part in a closed friendly online discussion.

28 March 2022, 15:22
Forum Ukraine-France was held in Paris

The forum aims to strengthen understanding between Ukraine and France through an open dialogue.

17 February 2022, 20:21
“Lublin Triangle: How to develop effective relations with Asia and Japan”

The Second International Forum Ukraine-Japan

16 February 2022, 12:32
Second International Forum “Ukraine and Japan in regional and global context” took place

(UA) Головна ціль Форуму – створення платформи для діалогу для глибшого розуміння викликів і спільного пошуку відповідей.

2 February 2022, 16:03
ANNOUNCEMENT: International Forum – Ukraine and Japan in regional and global context

(UA) Центр “Нова Європа” запрошує на Другий Міжнародний Форум “Україна і Японія в регіональному і глобальному контексті»

17 January 2022, 15:55
9th German breakfast in Kyiv

(UA) 16 грудня 2021 року Центр «Нова Європа» провів Дев’ятий німецький сніданок на тему “Як покращити сприйняття України у Німеччині?”

17 December 2021, 17:59
Dmytro Kuleba: Foreign Policy Strategy of a Strong Ukraine

Speech by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine during the annual strategic discussion of the New Europe Center

14 December 2021, 17:22
Online discussion “Youth and European Integration: Cooperation cannot be ignored”

Young people are able to influence European integration of the country. This is the conclusion reached by participants in the discussion “Youth and European integration: cooperation can not be ignored?”

10 December 2021, 13:59
The Eighth German breakfast in Kyiv

(UA) У Києві відбувся восьмий німецький сніданок на тему: “Відносини Україна-ЄС: погляд з Берліна”.

26 November 2021, 13:02
4th Association Exchange Forum (21-22d of October)

Last week ended up with the 4th Association Exchange Forum (21-22 of October) – the two-day offline event was devoted to exchange of ideas on Association Agreements (AAs) implementation in three states: Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

28 October 2021, 18:23