New Europe Center presented its strategic priorities

On Thursday, April 19, the New Europe Center presented its strategic priorities for 2018-2020 for its partners.  The presentation has been organized within the framework of the new think tank…

20 April 2018, 14:08
Theses of the participants of the public discussion “Kharkiv Dimension of Eurointegration”

On April 5, 2018, New Europe Center held a public discussion in Kharkiv entitled “Kharkiv Dimension of European Integration”

6 April 2018, 10:34
NEC Presented “Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Latvia”

On March 22, the New Europe Center held a public debate “Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Latvia”. At the event we launched the discussion paper on the Ukrainian-Latvian relations.

9 March 2018, 20:05
Public Discussion “G7 in Ukraine: Support, Criticism or Critical Support?”

On March 2, the New Europe Center held a public debate on G7 Support Group’s assistance in reforming Ukraine

22 February 2018, 13:25
NEC Presented Eastern Partnership Index

On February 14, the New Europe Center and European Council presented the report “Eastern Partnership Index 2015-2016: Charting Progress in European Integration, Democratic Reforms, and Sustainable Development”

4 February 2018, 13:26
NEC with partners presented“Eastern Partnership Index” in Brussels

(UA) Центр “Нова Європа” разом з партнерами з країн Східного партнерства презентував дослідження “Індекс Східного партнерства 2015-2016: аналіз прогресу європейської інтеграції, демократичних реформ та сталого розвитку”

26 January 2018, 16:08

The research team of the New Europe Center announces the launch of their initiative to develop the vision of the New Europe from Ukraine’s perspective. #NewEuropeVision

18 January 2018, 15:11
NEC Director Alyona Getmanchuk was awarded the Order of Merit of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko awarded Alyona Getmanchuk the Order of Merit of the 3rd degree for her outstanding contribution to the European integration of Ukraine

26 December 2017, 19:04
New Europe Center Finalized its Agenda for 2018

New Europe Center conducted the survey among officials, Ukrainian and foreign experts, diplomats, journalists, and active citizens to find out what issues should be covered in 2018

19 December 2017, 12:34
Council of Europe Should not Become Russia’s Trophy

Appeal of European experts to the members of the Council of Europe regarding the possibility of renewing the voting rights of Russian delegation despite Russia’s failure to comply with any PACE resolution.

14 December 2017, 09:22