Foreign Policy Index (TRUMAN Index)

Foreign Policy Index (TRUMAN Index) is the evaluation of Ukraine’s progress in bilateral relations in key foreign policy areas: EU, USA, People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation and NATO

9 September 2019, 11:39
Israel’s Experience of Nation-Building: Lessons for Ukraine

New Europe Center and Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter held the conference “Israel’s Experience of Nation-Building: Lessons for Ukraine”. The purpose of the conference is to share the Israeli experience in various fields of state-building with Ukrainian civil servants and civil society

26 July 2018, 10:45
Publications of NEC Experts

Studies and policy briefs, written by the experts of the New Europe Center (including in co-authorship)

30 December 2017, 10:10
Communicating Europe: How to Make the EU More Understandable

Together with the Hungarian Center for Euroatlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID), NEC organized a study program for the group of Ukrainian journalists from leading media outlets

30 October 2017, 14:07
Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Audit

The objective of this initiative is to study the mutual interests of Ukraine and its strategically important partners in order to develop recommendations for a proactive foreign policy for Ukraine.

18 October 2017, 12:06
Ukrainian Youth 2017

Joint project of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the New Europe Center, aimed at examining the views, values, and attitudes of young Ukrainians.

18 October 2017, 12:06