European integration, Russian aggression and martial law: What can consolidate the South and East of Ukraine?

Introduction of the martial law in Ukraine may consolidate the population around a common threat or alienate the population from the central government even further.

29 November 2018, 11:03
CHOOSING EUROPE: What do ordinary Ukrainians really think about the country’s post-2014 EU integration efforts?

Ukraine’s European choice has transformed the geopolitical landscape of the entire region and plunged the world into a new Cold War but a new survey suggests the debate is still far from over inside Ukraine itself.

6 October 2018, 11:35
What Do the Citizens of Kherson Think about European Integration?

Residents of Kherson consider the pledge of successful European integration of Ukraine’s achievement of EU standards in the economic, social and legal spheres.

28 September 2018, 14:25
What Do the Citizens of Odesa Think about European Integration?

Odesa residents mainly support the course of Ukraine to join the European Union, but many people in Odesa do not have enough information about what the EU really is.

27 September 2018, 14:39
What does eurointegration mean to Ukrainians?

We felt it was important was to persuade Ukrainians living in different cities that, even if the European choice was not ideal, alternatives to it were far worse

10 July 2018, 17:28
New Europe: what do Ukrainians think?

Presentation of the opinion poll results on Ukrainians’ attitudes towards European integration

10 July 2018, 13:53
New Europe: what do Ukrainians think?

Ukrainians will consider European integration to be successful if they see improved services in local hospitals, renewed roads in their settlements, while EU membership is not fundamental for most respondents

10 July 2018, 12:51
Silence of Kharkiv

Kharkiv dimension of European integration

6 June 2018, 18:09
Upgrading the Eastern Partnership: Policy Recommendations for the 2017 Summit

The Eastern Partnership needs a profound reform. What changes should be made?

5 November 2017, 11:51