New Europe Center is among the Most Transparent Think Tanks
17 July 2018, 10:41

The New Europe Center is among the most transparent think tanks in the world according to the survey published on July 17 and conducted by Transparify. The survey covers 92 think tanks in 24 countries worldwide.

NEC has received “5 stars”, meaning that the organization is highly transparent: all donors are listed, clearly identifying funding amounts for and sources of particular projects. Only six institutions in Ukraine have embraced the gold standard for transparency. In general, only 12 European think tanks from non-EU member states were assessed as highly transparent.

All institutions were assessed by two raters who worked independently from each other. They visited think tank websites and searched for financial data following a standard protocol, and then awarded between zero and five stars according to the type and extent of information available on how the think tank was funded.

The full report “How Has Think Tank Transparency Evolved in 2018?” is available here.

The rating was conducted between May 01 and June 10 2018.

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