NEC engaged into analyzing parties’ promises concerning EU and NATO
12 July 2019, 17:07

Kateryna Zarembo commented on the results of the Europen Pravda research concerning the leading parties’ of the parliamentary races vision of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine on the event ” EU and NATO in new parliament: which reforms should Ukraine wait for?”:

“All parties participating in the survey will preserve the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, but their assessment of how to implement the reforms that are on the agenda of Ukraine and the Alliance differed”.

The purpose of the research was to facilitate the implementation of reforms in Ukraine, not to promote / criticize particular parties.

New Europe Center participated in the development of a questionnaire for the leading political parties of parliamentary races and was engaged into responses analyzing, without knowing which parties they belong to.

Please find the text of the research here (available in Ukrainian only).

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