NEC teaches!
25 July 2019, 15:49

New Europe Center is pleased to announce that the registration for the online course “European Foreign Policy: in simple words about complicated issues” is open on the Prometheus! Kateryna Zarembo, NEC Associated Fellow is the co-author of the course, andLeo Lira, NEC Senior Research Fellow is among the lecturers!

Training begins on October 1, but registration is already open!

The course will last 5 weeks

Am I eligible to participate?
Yes! The course is designed for students, experts and everyone interested in foreign policy and international relations.

What will I receive in the result?

• You will understand how the European foreign policy is formed and what are the interests of key players;
• Learn the insights of European foreign policy from leading diplomats and practitioners in European studies;
• Aquire practical skills in analyzing the strengths and bottlenecks of the EU policy towards Ukraine and the role of Ukraine in defining its agenda;
• Take part in the debates on the future of the united Europe.

You can register for the course here!



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