New Europe Center Finalized its Agenda for 2018
19 December 2017, 12:34

The New Europe Center conducted the survey among officials, Ukrainian and foreign experts, diplomats, journalists, and active citizens to find out what issues should be covered in 2018.

According to our colleagues and partners, the New Europe Center should focus on developing the recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of Ukraine’s foreign and security policy (47%) as well as on conducting the informational campaign about situation in Ukraine abroad (47%).

The respondents also noted the importance to make a contribution to strengthening security and defense policy of Ukraine (in particular cooperation with NATO) (36%), and to educating the young generation of diplomats and analysts on foreign policy (35%).

The survey has shown a high level of trust to our team – 89% of the respondents trust us, among them 35% have “a very high” level of trust.

Furthermore, evaluating various criteria of the NEC’s activities, the respondents praised the think tank first of all for its independence (70% gave the highest grade), reputation of the experts, and high quality of research (68% and 69% respectively).

The respondents have confirmed the importance of the NEC’s mission and objectives almost unanimously (96%). The mission of the New Europe Center is to develop analytical research and conduct project activities in order to promote European standards and practices in Ukraine, as well as to increase support of the foreign opinion leaders, EU and NATO officials for the European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine.

Our strategic priorities: strengthening the effectiveness of Ukraine’s foreign and security policy; communication of the European and Euro-Atlantic choices in Ukraine and communication of Ukraine in Europe and the USA.



The opinion poll has been conducted within the framework of assessment of the NEC’s agenda for 2018. Overall,  162 respondents took part in the poll.

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