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Coronavirus diplomacy. How international partners are helping Ukraine to fight COVID-19?
5 May 2020, 15:44

“Ukraine has been quarantined for eight weeks, trying to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. In these times, the solidarity and help of partners is extremely valuable. Interestingly, 34% of Ukrainians, according to a poll by KIIS, believe that China can help Ukraine most effectively in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, only 10% chose the EU and 8.7% named the United States. However, the lack of systematic information does not allow us to state that China is a key donor to Ukraine in the context of the pandemic. So, who is really helping Ukraine overcome the crisis and how are they doing that?”

Please find more in the analytical report by Tetiana Levoniuk.


The New Europe Center has also prepared the respective infographics on the assistance that foreign partners provide to Ukraine to overcome the coronavirus.

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