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Victory or negotiations? Who is pushing Ukraine to surrender?
29 April 2024, 14:00

Alyona Getmanchuk, the Director of the New Europe Center, in an interview on the channel of Hanna Hopko told about:

  • the mood in the key European capitals – Paris, Rome and Berlin: including a coalition of resolute, supporters of the pseudo-peace, Europe’s dependence on the United States;
  • “sitting on two chairs”: support for Ukraine and ghostly stability from the preservation of the Putin regime;
  • security obligations that are not equal to security guarantees;
  • the EU’s potential to become a geopolitical player and why “the surrender of Ukraine will become the surrender of the West”;
  • options for potential decisions on Ukraine during the upcoming NATO summit in Washington.

Full record (Ukrainian) is below:

Thanks to Hanna Hopko for the invitation, ANTS NGO’s network, ICUV – International Centre for Ukrainian Victory for a powerful and constant partnership!

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