The European Council has approved the decision to open accession talks with Ukraine
14 December 2023, 21:00

Deserved! Gained!

Despite the extremely difficult negotiations, the desire of one state to disrupt a positive decision, Ukraine still received its “YES!” from the European Union. We have taken another important step closer to membership in the European Union.

The European Council has approved the decision to start the opening negotiations with Ukraine – we congratulate all Ukrainians and all our friends in Europe who helped to bring this historic moment!

The story of Ukraine’s European integration is a story about compliance with obligations. Ukraine did its homework perfectly. The European Union, despite all the difficulties, has shown determination to comply with the obligations from its side.

The New Europe Center is sincerely happy with this incredible achievement! Today we would like to recall a few important initiatives implemented by our yhink tank together with our partners to bring this decision closer.

  1. “Candidate Check” – an independent analytical monitoring of Ukraine’s implementation of EU recommendations – has long been recognized not only in Ukraine. The capitals of the EU member states checked their estimates of the Kyiv reform efforts. You can read all five issues of Candidate Check here:
  2. “Preparing for accession talks with the EU: tips and tricks for Ukraine” – is a detailed discussion paper prepared on the basis of in-depth interviews with representatives of Central European countries, including both current EU member states and candidate states. The document contains detailed instructions and summarizes the experience of preparing for EU accession of Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia. The discussion paper can be found here:
  3. Advocacy and study visits to EU member states, candidate states, during which hundreds of meetings with government officials, deputies, analysts, and journalists took place on a rather tight schedule. In some states, our experts informed foreigners about the successes of Ukraine, as well as conveyed the expectations and needs of Ukrainians. In other countries studied the European integration experience (namely the accession process). In particular, important visits were made to Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia. Details of the visits can be found in the “Events” section:

In the future, we all still have a lot of very serious work on the way to full membership in the EU.

Congratulations to Ukrainians, partners, friends abroad and in Ukraine on the new stage of the European course!

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