“Ukraine Doesn’t Need the West to Defend It. We Need Help Preparing for War.”

A new Op-Ed by Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the New Europe Center written for The New York Times on the Ukraine’s perspective on the international negotiations on Ukraine and the asks of Ukraine for the West in face of Putin’s military build-up.

17 January 2022, 16:16
British Model of Partial Integration with the EU: What’s Applicable for Ukraine?

The research “British Model of Partial Integration with the EU: What’s Applicable for Ukraine?” conducted by Sergiy Solodkyy on the British model of partial integration to the EU.

22 December 2021, 06:23

A paper authored by David Stulik, Senior analyst in European Values think tank (The Czech Republic).

21 December 2021, 14:41
From the Civil to Military: How Ukraine Can Enhance Security Cooperation with the EU

Policy brief by Marianna Fakhurdinova, New Europe Center Research Fellow on enhancing EU-Ukraine security cooperation

14 December 2021, 15:00
DIPLOMACY-2022. Expectations of Ukrainian society

The results of the survey commissioned by the New Europe Center

13 December 2021, 14:37
“Swiss Model of Partial Integration with the EU: What’s Applicable for Ukraine?”

The full text is available here. The purpose of this report is to provide policy recommendations on the potential next steps in Ukraine – EU deeper integration that would go beyond the…

13 December 2021, 13:38
The young and the restless: Europe, Russia, and the next generation of diplomats in the Eastern Partnership

  The article is written with the contribution of the New Europe Center Senior Fellow Leo Litra for ECOR. Pdf version is here.     Summary Young diplomats in Eastern…

3 December 2021, 18:30
Eurosuccesses in Ukrainian regions. How do local authorities see them?

Paper Tetiana Levoniuk and Marianna Fakhurdinova.

29 November 2021, 12:29
Implementation of Association Agreements in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: a comparative overview 2021

The paper is a comparative overview of Association Agreements implementation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine prepared within 4th Association Exchange Forum.

21 October 2021, 12:10
European map-3.Rating of European integration of Ukrainian regions

(UA) «Євромапа-3» є третім всеохопним дослідженням поступу України на шляху до євроінтеграції. Це рейтинг областей України, складений на основі відповідності до 49 індикаторів у 9 сферах, які найбільш виразно відображають динаміку зближення окремих регіонів країни з ЄС.

19 October 2021, 12:36