What have been the success stories of European integration in the Ukrainian regions over the last two years?

We asked experts within the rubric “New Europe Wonders”

17 September 2021, 13:39
Biden with the shadow of Russia: why Zelensky’s visit to the US did not become a clear victory

Article by Alyona Getmanchuk for the “European Pravda”

3 September 2021, 12:13
Afghanistan collapse sparks wave of alarm in Ukraine

Article by Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the New Europe Center, for Atlantic Council, which was originally published in Ukrainian by Ukrainska Pravda.

17 August 2021, 11:52
Per reformat ad NATO: how providing Ukraine with a clear membership perspective will contribute to internal democratic transformations

Article by Marianna Fakhurdinova for “Ukraine verstehen”, a project of the German think tank “Zentrum Liberale Moderne”, aimed at promoting Ukraine in Germany.

13 July 2021, 14:56
ZElenskyy and ZE West: from antiPoroshenko to Poroshenko on steroids

Article for the “ZN” by Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the New Europe Center, on successes and mistakes of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s policy in the western direction during the two years of his presidency.

22 June 2021, 11:36
Alyona Getmanchuk: How to resolve MAP stumbling block at June 14 NATO summit?

Article by Alyona Getmanchuk was initially written in Ukrainian for the the European Pravda. The paper was translated into English and published by Kyiv Post.

11 June 2021, 15:23
The MAP alternative: why does Ukraine need a roadmap for NATO membership?

Article for the “European Pravda” (available in Ukrainian only) is a short version of the discussion paper “Route to membership. Why should Ukraine have a roadmap to NATO accession?”

7 June 2021, 18:28
Route to membership. Why should Ukraine have a roadmap to NATO accession?

Discussion paper by Alyona Getmanchuk, Sergiy Solodkyy and Marianna Fakhurdinova aiming to unblock the discussion on Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

7 June 2021, 13:33
NATO&Ukraine: It’s complicated

Article by Leo Litra, New Europe Center Senior Research Fellow, for Romanian “Veridica”.

26 May 2021, 15:31
NATO Compatibility Plan: what the Alliance is to do for real changes in Ukraine

Editorial by the European Pravda. The New Europe Center is among the authors alongside other Ukrainian NGOs.

20 May 2021, 11:20