TRUMAN Index #12: The Latest Trends in Ukraine’s Foreign Policy

New Europe Center analysts assessed the events in Ukraine’s Relations with the U.S., EU, Russia and NATO (July-September, 2019).

21 October 2019, 15:00
Conflict settlement experience in the world

New Europe Center analysis on elections on the occupied territories.

2 October 2019, 18:47
Can We Please Talk About How Ukrainians Feel About This?

Op-ed of Alyona Getmanchuk for The New Your Times

24 September 2019, 14:18
A Trouble-Free Neighbor: What Should Ukraine Change in Relations with Slovakia?

Policy brief by Tetiana Levoniuk on Ukrainian-Slovak relations

13 September 2019, 11:10
TRUMAN Index #11: The Latest Trends in Ukraine’s Foreign Policy

NEC Analysts Assessed the Events in Ukraine’s Relations with the U.S., EU and Russia (April-June, 2019)

17 August 2019, 15:13
What to Know About Ukraine’s Parliamentary Elections

Expert comment for Chatham House by Alyona Getmanchuk and Orysia Lutsevych

5 August 2019, 13:54
Approximation? adaptation?! harmonization?! of legislation: can confusion in European integration terminology be eliminated?

Policy brief by Robert Khorolskyy, NEC associate analyst on terminological confusion in the Ukrainian version of the Ukraine-EU Joint Statement

29 July 2019, 12:18
The Eastern Partnership A Decade On: Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

Research on Ukraine by Leo Litra and Kateryna Zarembo in the EU ISS Chaillot Paper, devoted to the Decade of the Eastern Partnership

19 July 2019, 15:01
Ukraine and NATO standards: how to hit a “moving target”?

Discussion paper by NEC analysts on NATO standards implementation in Ukraine

10 July 2019, 17:04
From “Sluha” to “Holos”: what future parliamentary parties plan to alter for the EU and NATO

New Europe Center took part in the development of a questionnaire for main political parties participating in the parliamentary elections

5 July 2019, 16:09