Candidate status in EU would be a very clear political signal to Putin: Ukraine will never become a part of Russia

Interview with Alyona Getmanchuk and Leonid Litra for the German Social Democratic Party journal.

9 June 2022, 17:47
Putin sees the language of dialogue as a language of weakness

Interview with Sergiy Solodkyy, Deputy Director of the New Europe Center, for Radio NV

20 May 2022, 17:16
Talks about restoration of relations with Ukraine is no more than Lukashenko’s wishful thinking

Interview with Sergiy Solodkyy for Hromadske radio

27 January 2021, 16:08
The inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States: expert discussion on UA: Pershyi

Alyona Getmanchuk took part in the expert discussion on UA: Pershyi

20 January 2021, 21:50
US sanctions against some Ukrainians over election interference

Comment by Alyona Getmanchuk for Hromadske radio

15 January 2021, 14:47
Rating of the European integration of regions in 2020

Interview with Tetiana Levoniuk for the “Emigrantske radio” on the research “The European map of Ukraine-2”

2 October 2020, 18:07
Lukashenko is not interested in a constructive dialogue with voters – Medvedev

Interview with Anna Medvedeva on “Hromadske radio”

4 August 2020, 15:02
We wanted to find out whether Ukraine could become the regional leader instead of Russia – an expert

Interview with Anna Medvedeva for “Hromadske Radio”

9 July 2020, 16:12
Results of the elections in Croatia are very positive for Ukraine – Levoniuk

Interview with Tetiana Levoniuk for “Hromadske Radio”

9 July 2020, 09:59