Putin’s peace talks ruse: why the West should listen to Ukraine

Drawing from Ukraine’s experience, conceding to Russia’s peace talks is tantamount to defeat

10 November 2022, 13:36
Ukraine’s Actions to Start EU Accession Negotiations: Detailed Plan and Analysis

An article by the editor of “European Pravda” Sergiy Sydorenko, written on the basis of the monitoring of 7 recommendations of the European Commission by the New Europe Center

23 August 2022, 14:42
The king is good, the boyars are bad: will the protests in Russia lead to deputinization

Op-ed by Sergiy Solodkyy for

26 January 2021, 16:16
Euromap… Who is the leader and who lags behind in the European integration among Ukrainian regions?

The “Den” newspaper published the article on the New Europe Center event – presentation of the research “The Euromap-2”. 

30 September 2020, 10:12
How to become interesting in the region

Article by the “Day” newspaper about the presentation of the New Europe Center’s new research “Ukraine’s “soft power” in the region”

14 July 2020, 11:42
Life after the catastrophe: how has the pandemic changed the political mood of the Italians?

Article by Kateryna Zarmebo for the “European Pravda”

13 May 2020, 11:38
The repercussions of Zelensky’s deadline for Donbas

Op-ed by Leo Litra for Institut für Europäische Politik (Berlin)

7 May 2020, 18:16
Trump’s military diplomat: what to expect from General Dayton as the head of the US Embassy

Article by Alyona Getmanchuk for the “European Pravda”

4 May 2020, 16:44
Coronavirus and unity in the EU: Ukraine has to learn on the mistakes of other states

Article by Marianna Fakhurdinova for the “Den” newspaper

28 April 2020, 09:06
Ukraine’s integration into the EU: Russian factor

Article by Sergiy Solodkyy for the new edition National Security and Defence Journal by Razumkov centre.

24 April 2020, 12:28