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Sweet victory with bitter flavor: reflections on the EU historic summit
18 December 2023, 17:07
author: Маріанна Фахурдінова

“Both Ukraine and EU finish the year of 2024 with a victory in the enlargement domain, as well as with tasks and reforms to be carried out in the upcoming years.”

Marianna Fakhurdinova, the Associated Fellow at the New Europe Center, in her new article “Sweet victory with bitter flavor: reflections on the EU historic summit” reflects on the outcomes of the historic EU summit: EU’s creative way out of the political stalemate, its need for internal reform, further steps of Ukraine’s EU integration.

Key ideas:

  • While decisions of the first day of summit concerned mostly Ukraine’s further steps towards membership, not so much Ukraine, as EU’s unity and Hungary’s financial interests were at stake.
  • EU historic summit has not only confirmed EU’s commitment to enlarge, but has also demonstrated its strengths and vulnerabilities, which need to be approached strategically.
  • EU political decision to open the accession talks became a big victory for Ukraine, since it not only anchored the no-return point in Ukraine’s EU integration, but also recognized Ukraine’s progress in implementing its homework in terms of reforms, as well as launched the lengthy process of unification of Ukraine’s legislation with EU acquis communautaire.

First published on Kyiv Dialogue.

More details: https://bit.ly/4azTHfc

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