NEC Strategic Session: Action Plan-2020 is Approved
6 June 2019, 18:08

On June 6, the New Europe Center team assessed the Strategic Plan implementation and discussed new ideas to achieve the set goals at the outdoor strategic session.

The well-coordinated NEC team has agreed on a detailed action plan for the coming months, outlining the priority tasks. In particular, New Europe Center analysts will focus on conducting research with clear recommendations at the request of the authorities. In addition, the organization intends to hold a range of public events in the capitals of the EU member states (for example in France and Germany). In the nearest future, we will present policy documents jointly prepared by the New Europe Center analysts and experts of the leading EU think tanks. Among the important tasks of the organization is making advocacy efforts on promotion of the European integration among Ukrainians: in order to achieve this goal, NEC will hold an array of discussions in the regions of Ukraine.

Mission of the New Europe Center is to develop policy papers and conduct project activities in order to promote European standards and practices in Ukraine, as well as to increase support of Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic prospects among opinion leaders and officials of the EU and the NATO.

NEC aims to pursue three strategic priorities:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of Ukraine’s foreign and security policy
  • Communicating European and Euro-Atlantic choice in Ukraine
  • Communicating Ukraine in the EU and the US

Find more information about the results of our work during the last year here.

Confidently moving forward and continuing to contribute to the implementation of the European and Euro-Atlantic path of Ukraine!

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