Ukraine-NATO Relations: “Déjà Vu All Over Again” and Vicious Cycle

An article by Kateryna Zarembo, Deputy Director of the NEC, on assessment of Ukraine’s progress in relations with NATO (March-September 2018) for the quarterly magazine ТRUMAN Index.

14 November 2018, 10:37
TRUMAN Index: Success of the EU Summit, pause in “Minsk”, and the double game of Trump

From July to September 2018, Ukraine has improved its relations with the EU and the USA most remarkably. Less significant was progress in Ukraine-NATO and Ukraine-China interactions. Meanwhile, relations with Russia have worsened.

16 October 2018, 17:44
The Three Seas Initiative: Ukraine’s Opportunity for Practical European Integration?

The Three Seas Initiative can become an intermediate link for Ukraine’s integration into the European Union and NATO, but Kyiv should make more active diplomatic efforts within the framework of this project.

17 September 2018, 17:00
German opinion-leaders as a mirror of Ukraine’s identity in Germany: what they see and what Ukraine should do about it

This article is an updated version of the material that published on Ukraine verstehen website  I was starting to read the report “Ukraine through the Eyes of Germany”, prepared by German Society…

17 May 2018, 13:35