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Future Leaders’ Global Policy Forum
6 June 2023, 08:48

Future Leaders’ Global Policy Forum (GPF) was held in Milan, Italy on May 22-23, 2023. Alyona Getmanchuk, the Director, participated in a panel discussion dedicated to some “possible ways of ending Russia`s war”.

These are key messages from Ukrainian speaker:

  • If someone would try to sell the frozen conflict and the new Minsk deal as the end of the war or – even more – as Ukraine’s victory, it simply would not work;
  • Ukrainian society, not even Ukrainian leadership, will decide on potential future peace settlement. And  Ukrainian society, we reached the point of no return in terms of any concessions;
  • Even after 15 months of Russian terror  – 72% of Ukrainians are strongly against any concessions and committed to the idea of full deoccupation.


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