Why is Ukraine’s NATO membership also in America’s interests?
8 July 2024, 10:00
author: Центр "Нова Європа"

The Vilnius NATO summit decision that de facto postponed inviting Ukraine into NATO until after the end of the war has disappointed but not discouraged Ukrainians from continuing to seek NATO membership in the future. The Washington NATO summit, taking place in July 2024 and marking the 75th anniversary of the Alliance, is being viewed in Ukraine as an opportunity to bring the issue of the irreversibility of Ukraine’s membership in NATO to the forefront, rather than just another verbal exercise. Here in Ukraine, we are deeply convinced that inviting Ukraine into NATO is not only in Ukrainian and European interests, but American interests as well. Here are some explanations why:


Because the US is interested in ending the war and focusing on other urgent priorities. The war will never truly end until Ukraine is in NATO – be it immediately or gradually. Washington’s reluctance to accept Ukraine is a signal to Putin that his policy of invading sovereign countries, occupying their territories, and thereby preventing them from entering NATO is successful, and that it should be continued.

Because investments should work properly. The US has invested more than $40 billion into Ukraine’s defense since the invasion in 2022. The only surefire way to make these investments pay off is to make sure that Ukraine wins the war and Russia will be unable to attack again in the future. The best guarantee to secure Ukraine from future attacks is joining the NATO Alliance.


Because NATO membership is the cheapest way to secure Ukraine. Everyone really concerned about the annual “blank checks” to Ukraine should be interested in Ukraine’s NATO membership, which would not require constant massive packages of financial support.

Because the Ukrainian army being part of NATO will help the US “take care” of European security. Strong, sizable, combat-hardened, and trained by NATO, the Ukrainian army will significantly enhance NATO’s European component and could become the core of its eastern flank. Thus, Americans will be more confident that given any future threats, their European allies will be better prepared to defend themselves with less US involvement.


Because of Russian imperialistic ambitions constantly distracting the US. The best and the quickest way to put those imperialistic dreams to rest in the minds of Russian leadership along with Russian society is to invite Ukraine into NATO. This is the only way for Russians to realize that neither the Russian Empire nor Soviet Union will ever be restored in any form.

Because with Ukraine in NATO, the U.S. could count on a more significant Ukrainian contribution in a hypothetical war with China. According to a recent opinion poll, 47% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine should provide assistance to the United States and Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan. This indicates a high level of understanding among Ukrainians of the interdependence of global processes: democracies must support one another in resisting the encroachments of authoritarian and aggressive states.

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