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Accession of each country to the EU is an individual process
15 November 2023, 17:00
author: Маріанна Фахурдінова

“EU accession talks will involve the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to EU law with a huge number of regulatory documents in 33 policy areas. At the same time, the very decision to start negotiations is political. So Ukraine’s move toward membership will depend on how quickly we adapt our legislation and how the EU is ready for enlargament.”

Marianna Fakhurdinova, Associated Fellow of the New Europe Center on the air of Polish Radio, spoke about:

  1. What improvements should be made to Ukraine to open membership negotiations with the EU;
  2. How relevant for Ukraine is the experience of other candidate countries;
  3. What is the process and stages of acquiring EU membership;
  4. What is more beneficial for Ukraine: NATO membership or security guarantees from partners;
  5. As reforms in the security and defense sector bring Ukraine closer to membership in the Alliance.

“When a certain country joins the EU, not only the economic criterion is taken into account, but also the political advantages of this accession, whether this decision will contribute to democratization and strengthening security in the region,” the expert noted.

“Any bilateral or multilateral security guarantees are weaker than NATO membership and are considered by Ukraine only as an intermediate stage in gaining membership in the Alliance. Only Article 5 of the Washington Treaty provides a clear commitment for NATO member states to protect and assist another participating country in the event that the latter faces aggression. “

More details in the record (Ukrainian): https://is.gd/55Gqqf

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