New Europe Center held an advocacy visit to the USA
20 November 2023, 12:32

The team of the New Europe Center continues its international advocacy activities. On November 13-17, the Director of the Center Alyona Getmanchuk, Senior Fellow Leonid Litra, together with the Head of the ANTS Hanna Hopko and the Member of the Board of the Anti-Corruption Action Center Olena Halushka, held an advocacy visit to Washington, D.C.

“We started an intensive program in Washington with an event at CSIS on the fight against corruption in Ukraine in the context of American assistance. It was important for me to convey how critical the process of joining the EU is in the context of anti-corruption efforts, but also that the process of reform and accession to the EU in principle cannot be successful and sustainable if there are no relevant security prerequisites. And for that, we also need NATO membership” – Alyona Getmanchuk shared her impressions after a public discussion.

During the visit, experts held more than 40 meetings, a number of which were in Congress, as well as in the White House, the State Department, 8 think tanks, took part in 3 public events, important networking with congressmen and government officials during closed events on the occasion of the awarding of Estonian PM Kaia Kallas at IRI and the 40th anniversary of NED.

“The Congress is likely to satisfy the current request for support of Ukraine, but no one can predict exactly when, in what size, and in what final form both military and economic components will be preserved. More obvious is that this could be the last major aid package. That is why we discussed in detail possible plans B, including the confiscation of Russian assets. Also, de facto started discussions on preparations for the Washington NATO Summit” – concluded Alyona Getmanchuk.


The advocacy visit to the USA was carried out by the New Europe Center in partnership with ICUV (International Center for Ukrainian Victory) with the support of the “Renaissance” International Foundation.

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