The last Donbas outpost

Discussion paper by Tetyana Levonyuk, NEC analyst, on Mariupol citizens’ attitude to European integration.

14 June 2019, 15:27
How can Ukraine Steer Away from Deteriorating Relations with the US?

New Europe Wonders… The newest issue is presented

3 June 2019, 15:47
How to Counteract Russian Influence in Poland

Discussion Paper of NEC’s Deputy Director Kateryna Zarembo

30 May 2019, 07:27
TRUMAN Index #10: The Latest Trends in Ukraine’s Foreign Policy

NEC Analysts Assessed the Events in Ukraine’s Relations with the U.S., EU, NATO, and Russia (January-March, 2019)

27 May 2019, 12:28
How Should Ukraine React on Challenges after the Elections to the European Parliament?

New issue of the survey New Europe Wonders

24 May 2019, 10:33
Referendum for Peace. The Lessons from Abroad

Using referendums by other countries as a tool to resolve conflicts sends Ukraine mixed signals

23 May 2019, 14:43
Foreign Policy of the New President. Top-10 Recommendations

Policy advice was prepared on the basis of more than 30 policy papers of the New Europe Center’s analysts

22 May 2019, 14:29
New Europe Wonders: The First Foreign Visit of the New President – What Should the Destination Be?

Ukrainian and foreign experts advice Volodymyr Zelenskyi

21 May 2019, 13:16
ZeDiplomacy of ZePresident

Alyona Getmanchuk, NEC’s Director prepared a series of comments which can be useful for foreign policy decisions of a new President (only in Ukrainian)

20 May 2019, 14:42
How to Counteract Russian Influence in France

Discussion paper of Leonid Litra on countering subversive activities of Russia in France

14 May 2019, 13:24