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Kolomoyskyi creates plenty of problems for Zelenskyy (review of publications)

Review of Anna Medvedeva’s article by “Radio Free”

8 January 2020, 09:59
Disputes between Ukraine and Poland: expert told what should Warsaw and Kyiv do

Comment by Alyona Getmanchuk for “Segodnya”

4 January 2020, 16:29
Ukraine’s neighbours: what will presidential elections in Moldova, Poland and Belarus bring?

Comment by Alyona Getmanchuk for “Segodnya”

4 January 2020, 11:15
Ukraine’s foreign policy in 2019: Anna Medvedeva

Comment by Anna Medvedeva for RFI

2 January 2020, 16:36
Control over the boarder: what compromise did Zelenskyy talked about in Paris? 

Comment by Sergiy Solodkyy for “Radio Svoboda”

23 December 2019, 13:00
Young and motivated: German researchers have plunged into the analytical space of Ukraine

Comment by Marianna Fakhurdinova for “Think Twice UA”.

19 December 2019, 17:09
European integration is taking root across Ukraine despite Russia’s best efforts

Article about the New Europe Center unique research “The European map of Ukraine” by Alyona Getmanchuk on the Atlantic Council! 

13 December 2019, 12:05
There is a small ray of hope for the exchange of prisoners and ceasefire in eastern Ukraine

Comment by Leo Litra for Radio Europa Liberă Moldova

11 December 2019, 15:04
Putin decided to deal with the Minsk arrangements very selectively

Interview with Sergiy Solodkyy for “Hromadske”

11 December 2019, 14:51