Нова Європа
The “New Europe” was presented to the graduates of Cambridge

What is Europe’s way to be influential in the international relations? What is the role of Ukraine and each of us in this aspect?

25 October 2018, 11:17
The place and mission of Ukraine in the future of Europe: a discussion with international relations students

Is there an alternative to European integration for Ukraine? How can Ukraine contribute to the development of the New Europe? These issues were discussed during the public debate and presentation of the collection of essays “New Europe” at the Institute of International Relations of the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University on October 10, 2018.

11 October 2018, 11:34
The “New Europe” was presented in Kyiv

What should be Ukraine’s contribution to the debate about the future of Europe? What should Ukraine do to become “one of their own” for the European Union? These were the topics discussed during the presentation of the collection of essays “New Europe” in Kyiv on October 5, which coincided with the anniversary of the New Europe Center.

8 October 2018, 13:59
“New Europe”: Ideas of Ukrainian Intellectuals

On September 21 a presentation of a collection of essays by intellectuals “New Europe” , initiated by the New Europe Center and published in partnership with the “Old Lion Publishing House”, was held in Lviv in the framework of the Publishers Forum

21 September 2018, 18:45